This premium line of essential oil and organic herb compounds is based on thousands of years of wisdom proven by modern research in countries all over the world.


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Who Is Fuse?

Professional, semi-professional, collegiate and amateur athletes, trainers and therapists use FUSE. FUSE does NOT contain any substances banned by the USOC or USADA or any other authorized organizations.

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Fuse Products Are...

Professional Strength Pain Relief & Skin Care, 100% Pure Essential Oils & Organic Herbs, No Synthetics or Petroleum, No Animal Products

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Old World Wisdom

Plant based therapies have been found in historical documents containing health guides for over six thousand years. Egypt (16th century BC), China (3,000 BC), India (1,500 BC), Greece (400BC) and cultures from Africa, the Americas Pacific Islanders and Australian Aboriginal peoples evidence hundreds of plant formulas for good health. Modern practitioners incorporate these age old therapies with modern diagnostics and treatments to the benefit of their patients.

New World Science

Scientific research has identified compounds and properties confirming the therapeutic value of plant based products and essential oils. Plant essential oils and compounds are applied via transdermal, inhalation and aroma therapy. Applied to the skin, oils are absorbed and then affect the tissues, sometimes carried by blood or lymph fluids. Inhalation therapy introduces oils dispersed by vapor to the lungs and soft tissues of the respiratory system, where the compounds are broken down in the lungs and released. Aromatherapy utilizes the olfactory nerve to carry oil fractions directly to the brain, where the limbic system affects physical and psychological reactions.